There is a person who emails me quite  lot.  He represents the very worst of the Australian community.

He started with these suggestions:

  • banning all Muslims from Australia
  • supporting Pauline Hanson and Donald Trump
  • putting all Australian Muslims in Concentration Camps
  • strafing Muslim boat people (for the millennials, strafing means machine gunning)

Recently I got another email from him, in which he said that the Rohingyan Muslims who are facing genocide in Myanmar are simply being punished for 9/11.

That prompted me to ask him a couple of questions.  My questions, and his answers, are as follows (prepare to be shocked):

Q:How many of the thousands of Muslims being killed in Myanmar were involved, directly or indirectly, in 9/11?

A: All the Muslims receiving divine retribution in Myanmar were indirectly involved in 9/11.  Anyone who believes that non-Muslims should be killed, especially if they are Jews or homosexuals and who give credence to the evil ideology of Islam are collectively guilty.

It gets worse.  Last week he wrote “The greatest mistake of the 20th Century? – the alliance with Stalin to defeat Hitler instead of an alliance with Herr Hitler to defeat Stalin”

I agree that Stalin was terrible, but wishing we had formed an alliance with Hitler…?  And this was in an email with the subject line: “This would never of happened under the 1000 year Reich” (I won’t even bother pointing out that he seems only semi-literate).

And today, he quotes a suggestion that Andrew Hastie should be PM, and comments “There may be a better option than Pauline Hanson…Someone who has actually killed Muslims …”

Why do I feel a need to have a shower after receiving his toxic emails?  Maybe I should identify the name he uses in his emails.  But no: that might just encourage him.