Natasha Blucher got a lot of stick recently about a proposal she authored ages ago.  It dealt with the idea of using Norfolk Island instead of Nauru or Manus, on the footing that it would be available (in principle) to the Australian government, and would not be as bad as Nauru or Manus.

The Norfolk Islanders didn’t like the idea (good on them).

Now the press are trying to criticise Blucher for the proposal: a proposal she does not now advance.  She has issued this statement:

Norfolk Island Proposal

Among other things, she says:

“As a Norfolk Islander who has been living in Australia for the past 10 years, it is absolutely not my place to represent Norfolk Islanders who are currently living on Norfolk, or their views.” said Blucher. “The proposal was written 18 months ago as a suggestion for the island and its government and people, and was never meant to be pursued against their wishes.’’