News from Nauru:

“Guards have raided and ransacked single women’s quarters in Nauru. Looking for phones and cameras etc. One woman was arrested, why?, who then cut her wrist and chest in police custody. Mina Taherkhani had a Heart Attack and has been sent to IHMS in Nauru.”

And here is part of a news report about detainee S99:

Bianca Hall, Legal Affairs reporter
Published: April 14, 2016 – 9:23PM
“[A] young African refugee known only as S99 was in the midst of a violent epileptic seizure when she was set upon and
raped on Nauru.
She was semi-conscious during the rape and is unable to identify her attacker. Now, she is nine weeks pregnant and
desperate to have an abortion.
Since her rape, the young woman has attempted suicide. She continues to suffer from anxiety and post-traumatic
symptoms. She can’t sleep, and she has received no ongoing psychological care.
Abortion is illegal on Nauru and the woman – who has been accepted as a refugee by the island nation – is seeking an
abortion on Australian soil, arguing it has a responsibility to provide her with the medical care she needs.
But instead of bringing her to Australia for the termination, Australian authorities last week transferred her to Papua New
Guinea where, according to the country’s criminal code, a woman who attempts to “procure her own miscarriage” faces a
maximum seven years’ imprisonment.
Clouding the situation is a PNG policy that says abortion is lawful only if the mother’s mental or physical health are at
On Wednesday last week, Australian authorities woke the woman and told her she would be immediately transferred to
PNG. She was taken to a hotel in the PNG capital of Port Moresby, told she would be taken to a medical appointment the
next day, and left alone. Then, she called her lawyer, George Newhouse. …”

News from Manus:

“Last night was tragic. me and one of my boat mates who recently arrived from *** Compound were hanging out in his room and we were sharing some clips on our phones and a Wilson guard stormed into room without knocking or anything and we both got caught with phone in hands. He send code black on radio and lots of Wilson arrived. My friend got angry and outta control, he was resisting the first Wilson guy not to come inside the room however the guy come on his blanket with shoes one where he sleep..a total mess, chaos, now my friend in Chaukka… (sad emoticons) Just a phone, nothing…have to fight with life to save it (sad emoticons) The place we sleep mean nothing to them…all came with shoes on stepping on pillows, blanket.”

“I am still waiting for friend to come back from Chaukka…last night dozens of them hold him, by twisting his arms, legs, dragging along the corridor like animal about to slaughter. So sad, so feeling bad for him….”

So this is Australian values in 2016.  Brought to you by:

Mike Pezzullo, and

Peter Dutton and

Malcolm Turnbull .