NEWS FROM THE REFUGEE COUNCIL  (from their monthly bulletin):


The review conducted by Philip Moss into the allegations relating to sexual and physical abuse of both children and adults at the Offshore Processing Centre in Nauru revealed a disturbing lack of protection for asylum seekers held in detention there. It uncovered multiple allegations of physical and sexual assault against asylum seekers (including children); noted that many asylum seekers detained on in Nauru were concerned about their personal safety and privacy; and found that there is underreporting of assaults against asylum seekers due to “family or cultural reasons”, fears that reporting assaults could negatively affect asylum claims or loss of confidence that anything would be done about their complaints. The Review also found that there was no evidence to substantiate the allegations of misconduct against the 10 Save the Children staff members who were removed from Nauru last year. In a statement, RCOA called on the Australian Government to act urgently to identify the relevant authorities and support the immediate and thorough investigation of sexual abuse and physical assault allegations on Nauru. RCOA President Phil Glendenning said that “it is not good enough for the Government to have one set of rules for how Australian institutions respond to child sexual abuse here and another set of rules for Australian-funded institutions on Nauru. A child is a child, and they deserve our greatest protection and care.” Read the full statement at