Here is a story from a Melbourne man who got bullied into paying $75 on the spot even though he had not even been on public transport at all!

“On 24/09/2014, I was crossing Collins Street in Melbourne CBD at a point where there is also a tram stop. There was a Public Transport official on the platform of the tram stop, busily writing a ticket for somebody else as I walked past him. He stopped me as I passed him and he asked to see my validated MYKI card. I said that I don’t have one, I do not use public transport and I was just crossing the road. He claimed that he saw me step off a tram, which was quite impossible, given that he was preoccupied at the time writing out a ticket. Anyway, he then proceeded to issue me with a fine, and when I stated that I did not wish to provide my personal details to him since I had done nothing wrong, he called a nearby policeman over. Between them, they proceeded to intimidate me to the point where I reluctantly agreed to pay a $75 on-the spot fine on my credit card.
As I said, I felt intimidated by the two of them, and they left me with little choice. If I had not either provided my personal details or allowed the public transport officer to process an on-the-spot fine against my credit card, the policeman implied that I would be arrested. If I provided my personal details and allowed the public transport officer to issue me with a normal fine, I was of the belief that if I then wanted to contest it in court, it would end up costing a lot more than $75. I was very much bullied into submission!”   (emphasis added)

What is of real concern is that I am told Public Transport officers operate on a quota: they have to book a certain number of people a day.  And this is what happens.