A colleague has recently given me an update about things on Manus.  Note in particular that Australia is not the attraction: they just want safety and certainty.  Instead we mistreat them and grind them into despair.  We are crushing them.  Is this really what we want our politicians to do?  What has happened to Australia?

The spirits of everyone is very bad there is a lot of hopelessness there.     I was talking to a friend of ours and asked him did he know anyone elsewhere that could sponsor him for a visa.  He doesn’t have anyone anywhere else.    He just looked at me and said “I am going to die here”.  He is early 20’s

They have no faith in anything anymore including the court process.   Of course every time that the court process stalls it brings on those feelings again.

The reality is the hopelessness and boredom, they really feel like there is nothing left for them now.

Australia is in the process of building roads between the centre and Lorengau.    

A lot of the refugees don’t want to come to Australia: they just want to go somewhere and be safe.  Unfortunately it appears that Australia does not have any third country willing to take them.