“Towards a Just Society – Beyond the Spin”
Stephen Murray-Smith Memorial lecture 2002

Asylum Seekers, Illegal Immigrants or Smuggled People?

Australia’s Treatment of Refugees – The View From Outside
You might agree or disagree with the morality of indefinite mandatory detention, but Mr. Ruddock and Mr. Howard appear to be guilty of crimes against humanity by virtue of their treatment of asylum seekers: see a legal analysis of section 268.12 of Australia’s Criminal Code.

Australia’s Treatment of Refugees: the Tampa case

Authoritarianism in the Name of Freedom (BROKEN LINK on original site)

Crimes against Humanity: Melbourne Rotary Club Speech (BROKEN LINK on original site)
in debate with Sen. Amanda Vanstone, on 16 February 2004

Human Rights and Asylum Seekers

The Practice of Law: Justice, or Just a Job?Sir Ninian Stephen Lecture, Newcastle University March 2004