Melbourne Immigration Transit Accomodation at Broadmeadows (MITA) was the scene of another degrading episode.

Border Force was living down to its reputation if thereport is even partly true.  (Note: since this was first posted, the story was covered on 7 November 2016 in The Guardian Australia:

“Sad News Today.

In the early hours of the morning, people in detention at the Broadmeadows MITA Melbourne awoke to distressed cries in Avon Compound.

They saw a man dragged out of his bed in his underwear, handcuffed and dragged away by many guards.

They heard his cries and pleas not to be taken back to Nauru for about 40 minutes and then silence.

We have since found out that he was taken by an Air Force plane and flown to Brisbane and then Nauru.

The Dutton /Turnbull war on refugees is now resorting to the Air Force to secretly remove people in the dead of night.

This man’s case was on file but not yet lodged which meant that immigration were not required by the Court to notify his lawyers, 72 hours in advance. His lawyers were not notified.

This man was brought to Australia for surgery after suffering on Nauru for over a year. Even after the camp was opened he was in such pain that he was unable to leave the camp.

Finally he was brought to Australia for surgery and started to recover. He is a quiet, gentle man who always looked out for others.

This removal has created intense fear and distress across the camps as people are hearing the terrible news. People are literally terrified.

We are reassuring them that the 72 hour notification period still stands and that no one with this in place can be removed without a legal battle.”

The Human RightsLaw Centre has said that “forced deportation would terrify hundreds of refugees and people seeking asylum currently in the Australian community but still fearful of being sent back offshore.”

The HRLC is also of the understanding that this man had already been assessed as a refugee and was legally represented but was removed without any notice to him or his lawyers.

You can join us to keep updated on incidents as they occur. Visit: AUSTRALIAN WOMEN IN SUPPORT OF WOMEN ON NAURU  to join.”