Ever wondered what detention on Manus is like?

Here is a verbatim report from a detainee. He has been there for 28 months.  I have changed the text only slightly, as marked.  Remember: like all boat people, he has committed no offence by trying to reach Australia looking for safety:

“What l tell you about this hell
In here we don’t have any rights
More than 90% use sleeping tablet to sleep and every day some one get mental problem and going on crazy And they just put 2 or 3guard for him  to look After him just it.
There are 240 person in [each] compound [oscar, mike foxtrot and Delta] [some words deleted]

In here we can go to internet just one time a week and telephone is the same.
When we are sick same as now l’m sick l put request 3days ago and l’m still waiting to visit nurse .it takes 2or 3 weeks to see doctor but which doctor…..
In here our toilets and bathroom is terrible
Never in my life seen same this dirty place that l ‘ve been for28 month”