Behind the Wire and Detention Remembered are two projects which reveal the experiences of people inside Australia’s mandatory immigration detention system. The projects give voice to those so often missing from the debate about Australia’s immigration policy: the detained asylum seekers themselves and those actively involved in the detention system.
Detention Remembered

Detention Remembered is a first-hand, unedited record of Australia’s mandatory detention policy.
Compiled in 2005 and 2006, it records the testimonies of those directly involved with detention centres across Australia: former detainees and detention centre staff, counsellors, legal personnel and regular visitors. The interviews and audio recordings are now available as an online, searchable archive at Detention Remembered was supported by the Victoria Law Foundation.

Behind the Wire

Behind the Wire is an oral history project documenting the stories of people who have experienced Australian mandatory detention since it was introduced 22 years ago.
Behind the Wire conducts in-depth interviews with current and ex-detainees and then works with the interviewees to edit their words into first-person narratives that take the form of short stories. The stories collected through Behind the Wire are published online at and in print (forthcoming). This is an ongoing collection.