Here is a shocking, first-hand account of a refugee woman being strip-searched on Nauru.  This is being done in our name:

“Last night on the 11th December 2015 at approximately 23:00 pm ,the Australian security guard from opc 3 told me in front of the other male guards ” you have to take off your clothes in front of us “as we are conducting a strip search. I told the officer I don’t have anything to hide I only have my ID card in my hand . The officers told me you have to open your legs and hands so we can scan you with the wand .they were laughing and Leering at me and I felt I was being treated like criminal. I kept telling that I have nothing but they told me ” you must take of your clothes in front of everyone,in front of all the security men. I felt like a piece of meat ,these men continued to laugh they made me feel very uncomfortable and scared .the look in their eyes were they were undressing me ,I was so scared .I was crying and shouting at them to please not make me take my clothes of ,they kept insisting that I have to do what they tell me ,its the new rule .there was small Baraks in that area and then they told me to go there and take off my clothes while I was crying and in fear . I didn’t go there with them as I was too scared and intimated by them and at all times they continued to laugh and mock me and ridicule me . Security said this is the new rule. Everyday security are telling the women they need to take off their clothes in front of men. They are forcing young teenager girls to do the same things ,they are being violated while security leer at them . I am suffering from gynological problems which affects my mental health and forcing me to undress continues to bring on more torture and traumas. I took of my T-shirts i wear a bra there is a metal in the bra so of course it will set off the detector . While this was occurring security continued to laugh ,leer ,stare ,and make fun of me . This is abuse at the highest standard . Why is there no female officers conducting these searchers ? How much more humiliation do I need to stuffer at the hands of your Australian policies. Where are my human Rights to being treated with dignity and respect when you empoly and empower these filthy abusive power hungry ,perpetrators ,to treat women like this . This is like another example of perpetrators /male of violence. I thought Australia was bringing in laws abuse women ,but you have sent them here to Nauru .”