I’ve known Barry Dickins for years.  He is a good bloke.  And he writes beautifully.

He was on his way home in early October, waiting for the bus in Lygon St Carlton on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

A police pursuit vehicle came screeching up, blocking the path of the bus Barry was about to board.  The police then strip searched him, in public.  They said they had a report of someone fitting his description having pinched a T-shirt from K-Mart in Lygon St.

There isn’t a K-Mart in Lygon St.

The police filmed him being strip searched. They found nothing, and sped off.  Maybe they went to some place near to where there actually is a  K-Mart.

Barry verified the details of the event in an affidavit which he swore at the Reservoir police station in mid-October.

And he wrote a terrific piece about the event.  It was published in The Sunday Age on 25 October.  He has sworn to the accuracy of it.  Next day, it was taken down from The Age website at the request of senior police.  But you can read it here:

Dickins article, click here

And you should read it, because it it is an alarming account of what some people will do if they are given a uniform and a bit of power.

Don’t let this episode be buried by the police.  And don’t let it be forgotten.