Here is the latest report from a journalist who is held in detention in Manus.

Consider what we are doing to these people, who are innocent of any offence, and ask yourself whether this can be justified:

“In a remote corner of the Manus prison, and five hundred meters away from the collection of the eroded containers, there were some rooms called Chauka. They were used as a solitary confinement for the punishment of objectors or delinquents. This solitary confinement has been closed since a few months ago due to the pressure of the human rights organisations putting on the government. Instead, another place is allocated for punishment. This place is called the Green Zone and it locates in the main prison. After the hunger strike in January 2015, I was imprisoned without any charge or legal reason . The quality of food in Chauka was much better in comparison to food given in the main prison, the bathroom was much cleaner and the mattress was much softer. But I experienced a kind of severe mental shock and even contemplated suicide. Despite the fact that the general condition was much better in Chauka, I have always been thinking about what had happened to me during that period which caused me severe mental problems for a while and what kind of complex torture I had experienced.I will publish my writing about systematic torture by architecture and fences soon..”