This is a poem written by Oliver Hovenden.  I heard him read it recently. It’s terrific. Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon would have approved: they got angry.  He agreed to let me put it on my blog.




Get Angry – Oliver Hovenden

When old men scoff at your equality views

And politicians denounce a woman’s right to choose

When the fat cats gain and the thin cats lose-

Get angry.


When making money means more to them

Than saving the planet from the folly of men.

And we’ll axe a tax on carbon pricing

And ignore the fact sea levels are rising.

Get angry


When blue ties and red tape mean doctors can’t report child rape.

Child slaves in sweat shops and sexism in hip hop.


When women don’t get paid the same for playing what is an identical game


Get angry.


Our government lives in a world of hypocrisy

When they support invasions in the name of democracy.

But won’t support those that flee from the fire

And no one cares if the situation’s dire.

Because Stop the Boats- and we’ll get votes.


Get angry.


When the larger the company, the smaller the tax form,

And interest in politics is a novelty not a norm.


When left and right wing is no more than a position

On a football field, and we have a coalition,

That doesn’t think you deserve same rights if you’re gay

And argues that things should always stay the same way.


When a backwards step is a unanimous motion

And they base their beliefs on a preconceived notion

That the Australian people don’t want to see change,

The name ‘The Liberals’ seems a little bit strange.


Because liberalism’s all about acceptance and respect,

And with our ‘Liberal’ government that’s not what you get,

Because male still matters, and so does straight,

And the colour of your skin still determines your fate.


Get angry.


Don’t sit around and be keyboard warriors

If you feel for your opinion you need to be sorry is

There are problem with it, or a problem with them?

Don’t wait to act, don’t wait to condemn.


Because if he who is silent, consents

don’t be afraid to give your 10 cents.

It’s our future, it should be our word,

It’s time to get angry and make ourselves heard.