Here is a very powerful message I received by email from an Australian citizen:


This is beyond the pale.

My husband, [xxx], used to bleakly joke about how Australia’s Immigration Department really just should shoot all the boat people and get it over with.

Now the PNG Navy really is shooting at them.

It is beyond despair.

According to the ABC’s PNG correspondent, Erik Tlozek, it all started over a footy match where the locals got cranky that some of the refugees were playing on the field.

Then the Navy stepped in and started to shoot.

The details thus far are still murky, and I don’t know if there are any deaths. It’s still unfolding, if we’re ever allowed to get any information….transparency is a huge issue and we have to challenge the lack of it.

So far, we’ve had state-sanctioned torture in these camps. Now it’s state-sanctioned murder.

Enough. As reluctant as I am to put my head above the parapet, this is a call to legal arms (and legs).

I will write; you have to do the legal work…

[zzz] just reminded me that it was Kevin Rudd – Labor – who set up offshore detention. Onshore detention like Baxter was not enough for the right wing voting minority , apparently. (Besides, they’re clogging up the M4 in Sydney with all their boats on trailers…)

And don’t forget, it remains Australia’s responsibility by distance, no matter how the thugs like Morrisson and Dutton try to hide it under a nicely-ironed linen cloth….all very bright in Canberra. Very murky in PNG ; and Christmas; and Nauru…follow the money, boils and goils…..

There are yet undisclosed amounts of money paid as Baksheesh to the PNG Government, whose rulers buy their new Merc or BMW…

It’s said we live in the age of Enlightenment..let’s get some light on this issue for once and for all, before we cark it from sheer fatigue…

It’s hard not to agree.