The Brigidine nuns in Melbourne were planning to take children for daytime excursions as a relief from their time in Immigration Detention.  Now Peter Dutton has refused to let it happen.  Perhaps he is scared that the children might get a glimmer of enjoyment at Christmas time.  After all, it is his role to jail them and torment them.

Here is a letter which a friend of mine has sent to Peter Dutton, in protest at his decision.

If you think Christmas is a time for kindness and decency, you might also consider writing to Mr Dutton.  His email address is but it is probably better to write a physical letter and send it to his electorate office:

3/199 Gympie Road
(PO Box 2012)
Strathpine  QLD 4500
Phone – (07) 3205 9977
Facsimile – (07) 3205 5111

Remember: they are children. They have committed no offence. He has them locked up. It’s Christmas time.

“Dear Mr Dutton

I write to express my absolute outrage at the news (The Australian 3 December 2015 page 5) of the decision of the Border Force under your direction to refuse to allow the Brigidine nuns in Melbourne permission to take children detained under your responsibility out of detention for daytime excursions.

The harm inflicted on children in detention is known to anyone who can and is willing to read.

It is done at your behest.

The Brigidine sisters have for years been a source of hope, help and solace to these innocent children.

You are responsible for removing this small consolation.

Shame on you.

Any response you send me will be widely circulated, so if it’s a form letter, don’t bother.

In utter disgust, …”

So why is this happening?  My source tells me.  Here’s the backstory sent to me by the same source:

The ‘justification’ (Australian 4 December 2015) for terminating the wonderful program of short excursions supervised by the Brigidine Sisters during the long school holidays for children in immigration detention in Melbourne does not pass the sniff test.

OK, so TWO YEARS AGO someone handed a Christmas-wrapped  parcel to an adult accompanying the children.
The parcel was surrendered when the party reached the Immigration Detention Centre.
The prohibited item was retained by the guards.
No child or adult detainee received any prohibited items.
In other words, Nothing Happened to disturb the security of the party at any time.
Nonetheless, a group of children is now being punished by being deprived of the small comfort of getting outside their prison-camp and we are supposed to believe that Border Force guards will take them on excursions instead.
I bet nobody will be able to see independently verified, dated  photographs of those events when they occur!
And who, might one ask, took custody of the bottle surrendered two years ago?
What happened to the contents?
This horrible persecution of innocent children is deeply contrary to what used to be normal Australian values.
It should stop NOW.