Here is a report I have received from someone on Manus Island.  I have corrected  parts of it for legibility, and I have removed any identifying details:

A man in Oscar has been sitting on the wet grass in the rain for 28 hours. He is not moving, not responding to verbal stimuli. He sounds almost catatonic. Reportedly, IHMS knows about the man but has taken no action.

I have been receiving messages from several people who are very worried about their friend.

* Last night I was told:

“you should know that one more man today from Oscar has gone crazy … He is sitting behind the camp from this morning till now. He did now move at all. … He is just like a robot that they pulled his batteries out … Wilson just put 2 guards on him watching him.

IHMS has done nothing.”

This afternoon, another man told (my source):

“An asylum seeker in Oscar compound yesterday morning until now being on the ground of the Oscar field. He has not talked to anybody so far and immigration (ignored him, and so has IHMS). It been raining since yesterday until now really he is not going well at all you know I concern about something bad will happen to him if he continue it has to stop

You know he is a serious man. I think he won’t stop as I know him

I do not know just I cannot tolerate. It is heavy rain now and they ignoring to him he being under rain more than 25 hours. …”

And another man has now said:

“Hello. Right now there is a guy sitting behind the compound without any movement for more than 28 hours.”