Manus Island, Papua New Guinea.

A refugee from Somalia, living in the transition centre in Lorengau, said that he was happy and would move to Lae for employment.

A few weeks later, he emailed and FaceBooked several friends in Foxtrot compound. He said that he was in Lae and that it was awful. His employment paid him less than the bare minimum and he was struggling to survive. He then asked to be moved back to Lorengau. His request was refused. His Iranian friend who was also placed in Lae, was even worse off. This Iranian ended up being abused, not being paid and lost the accommodation and lived on the streets…Eventually he was picked up by good Samaritans who sheltered him in the church in Lae. He is now staying there and helps out with the church without any prospects of a better life.

So, the transferees in Foxtrot now are even more determined NOT to move to Lorengau, ie they are NOT leaving the compounds!! Broadspectrum is aware of the email correspondence and realise that they are fighting a losing battle. What is next? The genuine refugees cannot stay in detention forever but refuse to leave….

Any wonder the Australian government, spending billions of tazpayers’ dollars on the detention system, does not want anyone knowing about this.  It is virtually impossible for a journalist to get to the detention centre on Manus, or to the centre on Nauru.  for this purpose, I do not regard Chris Kenny as a journalist: he was allowe onto Nauru to write a puff-piece in the Australian, but was apparently as blind to abuse as George Pell.

And any wonder that the Australian government now threatens workers in the detention system with 2 years’ jail if they disclose what they have witnessed in detention.

Make no mistake about it: our politicians DO NOT want y0u to know what is being done to innocent refugees, ostensibly out of concern for the safety of those same refugees!  The government, pretending to be compassionate, says it is worried about refugees drowning: so worried that it punishes the ones who don’t drown.

If it was not so tragic, it would be laughable.