I have just received this report:

. BREAKING UPDATE 12th December 2015.
Mohammad is now in a motel under guard and not in a ”world class hospital” in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

He had been given injections to stop vomiting and been fed bread and tea in the hospital. He continued to vomit everything.
Medical staff still say he has infection in stomach and many other problems in his body and his eyes are yellow.
He asked a doctor what the injections are for and the response was confused and they weren’t sure and don’t know why medication isn’t working.
So the solution is the doctor didn’t want to know about it because it’s not working and they sent him to a motel on Thursday 10th December 2015.
He took medicine again this morning and ate bread and tea and vomited everything again. He was crying and upset.
Nothing has changed.
Please bring all of the men on Manus to Australia now. This is beyond insane and beyond cruel.
Canada knows how to treat people with respect and kindness and it’s time our politicians learnt too!
Please ring Prime Minister Turnbulls office and say you want them to help Mohammad Albederee immediately. Time is running out.
(02) 6277 7700″

Peter Dutton knowa about this: he has been told repeatedly.  What is happening to Mohammad Albederee is happening with Peter Dutton’s knowledge and consent.