A colleague in Sydney recently sent me what follows. She described it as an “emotional rant”. I think it makes a lot of sense. Tragically, it show just how little sense our refugee policies make.  Turnbull and dutton should hang their heads in shame.

“My dear friend on Manus, let’s call him ‘James’, is in severe pain.
James confessed to me that IHMS only have given him ibuprofen and paracetamol- nothing stronger, and no further medical appointments.
So you know what he’s resorted to? Sniffing burning toilet paper.
This is a university-educated, highly resourceful, incredibly intelligent Christian (not that the latter should be a factor in determining his ability to contribute to this country, but it seems to be), who is using toilet paper as a painkiller. …

This is a kid who went without glasses for a year after they were deliberately smashed by security guards.
This is a kid who left his home country and paid to complete his education in a country where he wasn’t at risk of execution.
This is a kid who brightens my day, and makes me laugh like nobody else can.
And this is a kid who we’ve locked up, beaten, denied medical attention to- because he arrived by boat.

James mentioned to me last night that this year he should be finishing his Master’s degree. He wants to be a magistrate. But billions of dollars are being used to incarcerate him instead, and our country is poorer for it in more ways than one.

Congratulations Peter Dutton. Our borders are safe. But people like James should be inside of them, not on Manus. By killing James, you aren’t saving lives; you’re ending them.”

Here’s what their Attorney-General says about human rights:

“Across the entire panoply of human rights Australia has not only been an activist, but those rights are integral to what we Australians regard as our sense of nationhood … As a Liberal, I am proud that Australia has been so active, both domestically and internationally in the promotion of a vigorous, ambitious human rights agenda.” 

Attorney General George Brandis speaking at the launch of a campaign for Australia to become a member of the UN’s human rights council. October 19, 2015

Assuming he was being sincere (big assumption) perhaps he could have a quick chat toTturnbull and Dutton and tell them what “Human Rights” means.

“James” languishing on Manus, might wonder whether George Brandis was just kidding.