As Australians get ready to relax and enjoy the big Christmas slow-down, people are suffering terribly on Manus.

People we sent there by force.

People who have committed no offence, and were just looking for a safe place to live.

We celebrate the season of “peace and goodwill to all men”, and they suffer, kept out of sight by a government too ashamed to let us know what it is doing in our name.

Here is a recent report from a friend of mine:

A man was transferred from Manus to Brisbane several days ago. Afghani… He called his family who confirmed to his friend on Manus that he is indeed there. … Working overtime to locate him, but they now don’t register [people] as an official patient for a few days to prevent us [learning of their suffering]

Influenza has broken out on Manus. Disaster. The men are already too weak. There will be a loss of life without added nutrition to their diet immediately. …

The guys on Manus with ‘double ticks’ (positive refugee and security assessments) are now denied access to the canteen in order to force them to sign for settlement. That means no extra food, no cigarettes, and the worst, no phone credit. Interpersonal relationships are breaking down in the compounds due to stress and mental health issues, so many of the guys will be unable to even contact us via a friend for a phone credit top up.

They dropping like flies physically and mentally. I’m seeing them gradually ceasing communication. Their minds are shattered. They stop writing daily…then just send flower pictures¬†¬†(Persian cultural thing)… then go quiet. And then nothing.

I hope there are just a few genuine Christians in Federal Parliament whose conscience will force them to take a stand against what we are doing.  So far as I can see, those who proclaim their Christianity loudest (Morrison, Abbott..,) are simply hypocrites who care nothing for the message of Christianity or the spirit of Christmas.

Happy Christmas.