Here is the transcribed text of a letter written by a detainee held on Manus.  I have not corrected the spelling.

“This is letter from Manus Island asylum seekers to Austrialian teachers –

We want to begin by saying thank you very much to all of you.  Our wonderful teachers for this powerful rally allow us to offer you these few words from the Austrialian prison of Manus Island we thank you for standing up with us while the entire world was silences we apperiate deeply your support this rally means powerful can give us enrgy to struggle with this hell hole of Manus it can proof to us that they are many people caring about us and they are against this injustice mandater detetion.  Among us we have many teachers and we need you to help us tell the truth about the situation on Manus Island hell to Austrialian government and the rest of people that we should be free.

While you country have been faced with the critical difficulty crisis due to constant flow of war turn people and all the world is witnessing that Austriala is endured to execise its human and moral responsibity through providing hundreds of thousand of refugge and asylum seekers with protection.

The government has imprisoned us 900 asylum seekers for 29 months on Manus Island in the heart of pacific ocean.  The situation is utterly in human and difficult to over this period, we have been under heavy mental pressure, we canot sleep without sedatives because of the torture that we endured here.

We have lost two of our friends due to the locals attacked us and also lack of health facilities that the government has done everything to persecute us, we desperately request from all of the teachers doctors advocates and lawyers in coulding ordinary people of Australia to urge the government to cease the illegal detention of us in this hell hole and fullfil its international obligation in relation to refugges.  We have fled a war and perescution just like others refugees in Australia, we need safety and resettlement in safe place.

The government have treated us like criminals our animals on barn and call us boats criminals our queue jumpers illegal people cause we came by boat like many others did before us.  Many international organisations put they reports out about our difficult situation on Manus Island prison such as human right watch and Amensty International.  We have came to Austriala seeking for protection not presecution because they have signatured to UN convention of 1951 to protect the asylum seekers and refugees.

We don’t have option to come lligal to your country because of on going war in our home lands even theres no articel in law mention that a person who come by boat is not illegible for protection.

The government has blackmail us and used us for their own political interse to obtain many of people.  The staff who works with the contractors they for us to get money from human abuses.

We heard the goverment made many deals with different countres to send us thers but unfortunatly thes countres have humanity and moral the reluctant to accept us, they entire world looking at us as if we are criminal but the fact is we are running away from the danger behind us.

We risked our own life to reached Australian sold hundreds of man woman and children lost their life on ocean because of protection.

We are not criminals not criminals not criminals we are good people like others seeking for help and safety place.  We knew the teachers are the only people that could understand our agony, cause of them we today we have peace in many places, cause of them they would become better place, cause of them we have justice and equality in every corner of the world, cause we have chairmen presidents minestres, lawyers and so on if there’s a teacher in this world we will live in darkness.

Finally we want say thank you very much for taking out your time to participate in this powerful rally that send message to many people round Australia and the world.

We wish one day we will repay you.

Thank you

Kindly regards

Manus Island asylum seekers
(name withheld)”