Latest report, 27 April 2015:

At 3.30am 7 SERCO ERT guards in blackshirts entered BITA detention camp in Brisbane and dragged three people out of their beds and out of the camp to a waiting ADAGOLD charter flight which departed at 5.35am. Among the three was a woman who had been viciously assaulted on Nauru. She was carried out by arms and legs. Another man who had his jaw smashed on Nauru and was brought to Brisbane to have it set and wired. Third man still to be identified. BITA camp in state of fear. This will spread today.

It is a tragedy for this country that the Liberals have lied to us for so long (calling boat people “illegal”) that they assume they can mistreat asylum seekers at will, and expect applause from the electorate.

The liars: John Howard, Philip Ruddock, Tony Abbott, Scott Morrison, Peter Dutton have told us boat people are “illegal”. It is a lie.. They have made great political capital out of it.

The truth: asylum seekers do not commit any offence by coming to Australia, without papers, without an invitation, so seek protection from persecution.

The present position: As Dutton’s recent conduct shows, the government apparently thinks it can act like the Nazi brownshirts because they are picking on vulnerable people who have been demonised, falsely, for years.

Welcome to Australia.