Some arguments need more than 140 characters.  A minor dispute on Twitter on the link between bigotry and terrorism demonstrates this.  So, for those with the skill and stamina to read more than 140 characters, here goes:

It is a matter of ordinary experience that a person who is treated badly may, eventually, react badly.  If people in the West regularly condemn all Muslims, it is inevitable that some Muslims will begin to feel as though they are seen as the enemy, as though they are hated in the West.  So, for example,  British mosques have been attacked by anti-Muslim groups.  In Australia, the construction of mosques has been violently opposed by some community groups, who were vocal in their condemnation of Muslims.   Donald Trump has, in substance, said that Muslims should be excluded from the USA.

Any group confronted with hostility like this is likely to be offended. As a matter of ordinary human nature, it is easy to understand that some members of that group will react badly.

I do not approve of terrorists, whether Muslim, Red Brigade, Irish separatist or anything else. But I worry about the consequences of treating one group as if all members of that group present a threat to our Society.  What we need to learn is that we are threatened by extremists.  Of course there are Muslim extremists, just as there are extremists who adhere to other ideologies.  We would be making a catastrophic mistake if we treat all Muslims as if they are extremists.

Until an expert in the field can show me that I am wrong, I will continue to hold the opinion that being the target of relentless bigotry will drive some people to extremism, and is therefore one cause of  terrorism.

We are being very foolish if we continue to tolerate public abuse of Muslims generally.