Letter from men detained on Manus, 15 April 2016.
Here is the original (I have removed the signatures to protect the writers from reprisals) Letter April 2016-image
To the UNHCR organization in Canberra
We, detainees in Manus Island, are writing to you to thank for coming your delegates in here. We are hoping to see positive results of your reports.More than 3,000 years ago some people in the world treated their wounds by mould of bread. By passing time scientists discovered antibiotics from mould. Now, in the world today, many kinds of antibiotics are made for each type of infections.

More than 2.000 years ago Human Right Charter was written by some great people in the world. Human Right Charter have been completed and now exists in the United Nations. It is one of the best honours of mankind.

Many years ago, Hippocrates made an oath for medical doctors and also medicine staff like nurses, etc. When somebody takes the Hippocratic Oath, they must treat the best with patient people even if they are enemy to them. The Hippocratic Oath is also one of the best honors of mankind.

Ona a place in the world is called Manus Island, an Island in PNG, many people have been detaining for around 33 months as the off shore processing centre of Australia. This time started from 19 July 2013. During this time antibiotics, Human Right Charter and Hippocratic Oath did not work for one of them. He was Hamid Khazaei. He died because of septicemia. He died because of lack of antibiotics. He died because of lack of Human Right Charter. He also died because of lack of the Hippocratic Oath.

Unfortunately, IHMS is still a tool in hand of Australian and PNG governments to pressurize us. We reported everything in details to your delegates. We just refer to some of them. Psychiatrists prescribe as much depression and sleeping tablets as that you want. They just want us to be quiet. Psychologists propose East Lorengau, and area near our compound as transit centre as a psychology way to control your mind and that you will be happy there. If you see the fortune of people who went to East Lorengau, you understand what we mean.

Prime Minister of PNG claims that we damage their reputation. He claims the we caused to dam age the reputation of Manus people. If so, why is he cooperating with Australian government to send us to East Lorengau? We are 100% happy to leave this country as soon as possible not to damage their reputation.

There are just 27 countries in the world that participate in UNHCR resettlement programe. We would like to resettle in each of them. PNG is not of them. If people go to East Lorengau, that does not mean they are happy. That is because they are tired. Many of them wish to return to our compound.

Please remind Australian People that we are in critical condition. Long time in detention, around 33 months, have been deteriorating us. As Tony Abott said, we are some part of Australian government policy to stop the boats. Malcolm Turnbull have been continuing that policy. Now boats have stopped. Operation Sovereign Border have been completed. In fact the last Bali Processing completed that policy. Detaining us at the moment wastes your taxes. Detaining us damage your reputation as free people. Even north Korea condemn Australian government.

We would not like to come to your country if you are not happy. But, we would like to resettle in UNHCR resettlement programme’s countries. People of the same boat from Christmas Island went to Australia around 15 months ago and it is completely unfair.
To sum up, we, the signatories, believe you as a highest organization in the world for supporting us. If some detainees do not sign it does not mean they are happy, but they are disappointed from everywhere. We are looking forward for your help. Please help us as much as you can.

Yours faithfully
Detainees of Manus Island
15 Apr 2016