I received this email today.  It is directed to Peter Dutton’s email address, and copied to various people including me.  It asks some good questions.  I fully understand the frustration which provokes a rant like this:

“What is the point of the Immigration Minister?

Why is that particular tangle of psychologies in that particular position? Do they have any degree of expertise they can lend to the position? What’s underneath them? How many intelligent and worthwhile individuals steer the machine beneath the so-called minister?

How many wrong-minded laughables contend with real operations? How many withering fools make depressingly retrograde decisions for pitifully tiny reasons?

Playing with honourable, actual people’s lives. Monied, privileged goons busying themselves with stupid processes because they have no perspective…

How many of the people in the halls of power have the imaginative engine requisite to the grand visualisation of reality, to be able to marvel at it and so intend to add good to it, rather than prop-up those processes that disrupt it into senseless pockets of misery?

The refugee policy is sickening. Shameful to anyone with a modicum of respect for human life and dignity in others who have been cast adrift on helplessness due to reckless, concerted idiocy such as war.

How dare you deny those who get scattered in terrified velocity by your cynical wars.

At least when everyone in the big houses ganged up with the weapon-makers and decided to stimulate their bank accounts in the past through warfare, the lot of the unfortunate pawns was not so dire when they were lucky enough to be jettisoned out of the war zone to search for some safe harbour round these parts. I refer you to Malcolm Fraser’s legacy. Obviously it’s up and down – we have always had give and take – but right now it’s all “take,” towards these desperate people… You cowards – you steep yourselves in this forlorn brew because you are so concerned about political blood on your hands – both major parties don’t want to get caught out with another episode of innocents lost at sea… you know very well it’s a straw man – the real cause of this one of several miserable ends (including detention on Nauru or Manus) is something you wish to keep separate from popular appraisal…

And these people, still they are another moving complex in a game for sociopaths to play with. Something to exploit.

Sickening, shameful policy that is not defensible… You are recorded saying the deaths at sea must be stopped as though this were your guiding ethos in this matter… you individual. You one element in a massive operation. I am also one element in that same massive operation. And I do not for a moment believe you give a damn about deaths at sea. If you had that capacity for caring you would do much besides the cynical, twisting politicising that you do in this role… You may, but it is not reported… Or it has been, but I have not read it…

So who’s reading this now? Anyone? Some staffer?

Where’s this gripe land? I’m taking the time to engage with you people. I’m dismayed by what I hear about your judgement, of your activities…

How many times must the same tired but true articulation of decent human action be put to you – in how many forms by how many individuals and individuals in groups?

Petitioning you like you were some lunatic monarch sick of mind and cruel in spirit… it’s pathetic. You are so thoroughly disappointing. What are you even proud of? What have you achieved but some title before you name for a time? But for the balance in your bank account, what do you know? What have you made better against what you have made worse?

You poor, similar, human beings that do not know what to do with themselves even when they find themselves with the portfolio of a major world state…

This is what we think of you when you act like this. Siphoning money to those who always had it and crippling those who prefer to act more kindly. I’m no bleeding heart, for I am no simple categorisation when I have no word limit, – I merely have some idea of the established order and I weep at the stupidity and simplicity of it.

It is a natural course – but there are too many non-entities doing worthless things taking up space that someone with some facility might better fill. Tony Abbott and Bronwyn Bishop, of course, spring to mind. Peter Dutton, what is your purpose? You who stood under an open boom mic to come off as a lacklustre fool to the king of diseased minds? Surely you can do better than this… I know you can, because we’re all on a spectrum and last time I looked you weren’t dressed as Darth Vader. And even he had his moment of redemption.

If you haven’t seen the original Star Wars – go and watch them now. (the good guys are the ones who don’t remind you of the Nazis)

You know, this sort of thing helps a little… I’ve not protested for a time in the traditional sense of wandering around a typical route with my fellow humans calling and responding simplistic slogans until we all reach the State Library… it probably helps too – I think it used to. There was a certain euphoria to the sheer numbers who opposed the bombing of Iraq back in 2003. Over 100,000 people in Brisbane, you know? Against a cynical war you never should have entered. We know they’re cynical because whatever prompts them doesn’t trigger any sort of investment when it happens in a poor country with nothing for you and your buddies to pillage…

You only give a damn about Syria because of the pipeline and the gas or whatever… because your cruel buddies in the region who do such horrific things as a matter of course have a problem with secularism and Assad was never meant to be there… he wasn’t the right Assad, was he? This guy actually had a liberal education and seems to be a logical kind of ruler… he seems to have his own thoughts and so that must be difficult for the would-be puppeteers.

Of course, everybody’s compromised. I’m not so naive to think that Bashar al-Assad is any kind of saint. But that he’s some monster upon whom you can pin it all is pure nonsense – wishful thinking… I held a conversation with a Syrian the other night – his family still live in Damascus. He is not naive but has no sense that Assad is somehow the devil incarnate any more than Hilary Clinton… Donald Trump on the other hand is just another depressing failure from a line. Whether circumstances fall to their knees enough to render unto him the presidency a la Bush mark II or Abbott mark I remains to be seen – but a failure nonetheless.

I have a different measure of failure perhaps to others… certainly those like Trump. He’s always carrying on about winning, which I find quite ironic. History will always view him as a nincompoop. Bush and Abbott both look as they are: spoilt rich kids who caught a free ride and didn’t know what to do with it so they were exploited because of their feeble minds…

Trump’s perhaps a little scarier because he’s more like Hitler… who was of course another colossal failure of a human being.

What’s the point. You can ignore this, sure. It’s only an email. One of dozens… hundreds perhaps that I have written… what happens to them? Who reads them, I wonder – but it doesn’t matter. I’m writing to ease my own conscience. To know that I didn’t sit in my little bubble and not address the raging bastards of the system that rig it dirty.

I’m scared of you people. I’m terrified of some of you because, let’s face it, you’re scary guys. You’re above the common law in many ways and only tend to fall when some other among your strata decide they can and will precipitate your political demise… and even then, all you get is a slap on the wrist and a demotion…

But I wouldn’t want to abide with the knowledge that I simply let you go along in psychopathic patterns without at least pointing to them and decrying them, these, your shameful tendencies.

It is my own vanity – pride, what have you… But wrapped up with that is an authentic goodwill towards my fellows. What do you know of that? Even though I hold that same goodwill for you, ultimately, despite your best efforts to totally erode the matter of my enduring hope in the sea of your miserable philosophies – what do you even know of that?

Grow up, you awkward children. Sad little bullies, extend your open hands and stop ripping everything apart…

Turnbull wants to do something radical and bring the budget forward, does he? Turnbull should do something radical and move by some noble compulsion to some noble goal. Set some goals and stick to them. You have nowhere to go but up.”

And a little later on the same day, the same person wrote again to Mr Dutton:

“Dear Mister Dutton,

You are actually a real person, forgive me for being dismissive of your humanity from such a relatively removed perspective, I was not being my best self… – I imagine you’re probably not demonstrating your humanity in the best possible light to the public eye… I understand the portfolio must be a sort of poisoned chalice – but I think if you do actually give a damn about a few basic principles in addition to whatever more complex balances you need to contend with – you can act decisively and nobly on them and successfully elevate the subsequent debate and move everybody in the equation forward sensibly and importantly. I think this is something you can do as you wear the title of minister of these affairs – you can do a good thing for a process that will benefit everyone and improve the functioning of the political mechanism – not simply be concerned with winning within the framework of an inferior one.

Leap-frog over the flimsy political ideologies and be sensible here – find the path to something that you can have as a worthy legacy… collaborate with all-comers on this from a position of frank honesty in the measure of the true dilemma – how to restore common decency to the treatment of all innocents. There is nothing more important – everything functions around this premise – the mechanism should bend and evolve in a positive way – by careful thought and planning that ultimately benefits society, enriches it – by this adaptation… by the welcoming of those who need sanctuary… some areas of the world are in miserable pieces and we are so very lucky for the moment, in the main… the majority of us in the region are very lucky.

I wish you all the best with the problem. I believe the conduct of the department is deplorable, what I have read about – it is deplorable. It is not the sort of thing I should consider a worthy legacy – what is being reported is not an attractive rendering of your narrative. You will look foolish, heartless and grey, and lost in the uncaring sweep of it, fifty years on… or you could do something else.

I strongly recommend that you should do something else with this opportunity.”