A colleague just sent me a blunt assessment of where we have got to with our warehousing of asylum seekers.  It’s hard to disagree with any of this, but it is important to add that asylum seekers are NOT “illegal”: that’s just a political lie.  the Coalition have lied to us for years about this, then Scott Morrison linked it to the rhetoric of “Border protection”.  For a bloke who claims to be Christian, it is astonishing how he can lie to us and mistreat asylum seekers.  I guess he must have forgotten about his Christian beliefs for a few years.

If I am wrong, let Morrison or Dutton say publicly what offence is committed by boat people who come here looking for safety.

“Dutton is cruelly incompetent.
Go back to drawing board.
Intercept boats by all means.
Escort the boats back to nearest land.
But we have to clean up after ourselves.
The people damaged wholesale in Aus detention on PNG & Nauru have to be fixed up and/or sent to Canada & NZ with compensation.
Go talk to those nations.
That is part of the new roadmap.
Dealing with & improving hell hole camps in Indonesia & elsewhere is vital to Australian self- respect.
We must rebuild & support UNHCR.
Labor is the party of compassion.
Fix this and you’re home. There will
Be joy from every pulpit.
Yesterday 80% of ABC listeners surveyed want them brought here.
Sure, spooks & security & defence industry will come up with a false flag terror incident.
And Washington will be pissed off. All the nightmare shenanigans will happen. Again.
But it will give us back our self respect.
Out of control fascism is not worthy of this nation,
You have to draw the line at some point.
PNG stood up to Aus. They have grown in independence & moral stature globally as a result.
We must, too.
Xenophobic racism is intolerable.
This is the deal breaker, Bill.
Labor stands for compassion. Labor stands for policy coherence. Pull it together, please.”

I don’t necessarily agree with every sentiment, but I firmly support the main sentiment: we have to start acting humanely and recognise that Australia is capable of acting as a decent country.

Our politicians have betrayed our character.