“All men should strive to learn before they die, what they are running from, and to, and why.” – James Thurber

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Julian Burnside AO QC is an Australian barrister who practises principally in commercial litigation, trade practices and administrative law. He is also a human rights and refugee advocate, and author.

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Peter Porter: a seminar

SEMINAR:  A POET’S ARCHIVE Peter Porter’s Creative Legacy The National Library is proud to be the custodian of the personal archive of poet Peter Porter. From first drafts to page proofs, from notes to correspondence, the collection reveals the life of an Australian... read more

Fact Checking Pauline Hanson

Senator Pauline Hanson must be grateful to Senator Brandis.  He declared that every one has the right to be a bigot. Pauline Hanson is a bigot, and she revels in it.  Her bigotry is accompanied by ignorance, which makes her public utterances ugly and dangerous,... read more

Islamophobia rampant

I have had an interesting exchange of correspondence with someone I have never met.  He has emailed me a number of times warning me about the dangers of Islam in Australia.  Here are our last exchanges (for obvious reasons, I have removed any identifying details):... read more

The election

The Guardian Australia today published the views of a panel on the effect of the election on various aspect of Australian life.  I was asked to contribute a bit about refugees. The whole Guardian article is here.  My bit is set out below: So far, the election result... read more

Haitch or Aitch?

There is an interesting discussion on the ABC about the correct way to pronounce the name of “H”,  the 8th letter of the English alphabet.  It is a long-running debate.  I recall that, as a child, I was told firmly that I should say ” aitch”... read more

Border Force

Paul Stevenson has been sacked for speaking about conditions in offshore detention.  Among other things, he said conditions in the camps were “demoralising … and desperate. … It’s indeterminate, it’s under terrible, terrible conditions, and there is nothing you... read more

Befriend a child in detention

Befriend a Child in Detention, a project established by writer and educator, Dr June Factor, calls on political candidates to bring to Australia from Nauru the more than 100 children still living there in dire, detention-like conditions, and to process the claims of... read more

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The University of Melbourne - Divest from Wilson Security! - Sign the Petition! change.org/p/the-universi… via @ChangeAUS

“I quite literally could not believe what I was hearing”: Barrister John Lawrence ab.co/29XVOua #youthjustice #NT @4Corners Retweeted by Julian Burnside

'What a piece of work is man..'Video shows tear-gassing 'torture' NT youth detention centre #auspol #Auschwitz ab.co/2amqMlb Retweeted by Julian Burnside

Are you completely insane? You were going to tell me 2 things I do which I argue against twitter.com/middleism/stat…

Are you saying Islamic law makes it compulsory to marry of pre-teen girls? (& no, I do not have a pre-teen daughter) twitter.com/middleism/stat…

What is it that I tell people to do that I don't do myself? 1 or 2 examples would be good twitter.com/iloveaus2/stat…

Here is Helen Razer's brilliantly written apology to Islamophobes. Read it (it's only 377 words) julianburnside.com.au/a-piece-for-al…

Hello everyone, if U abuse, bully or otherwise marginalise a human being of any colour or creed U risk retaliation! pic.twitter.com/ee1jJS0lwN Retweeted by Julian Burnside

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Kabul: 80 Hazaras Dead in Suicide Blast at nbcnews.to/2a3RwUW The Aus gov't sends Hazaras back to Afghanistan, saying it's "safe"


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