“All men should strive to learn before they die, what they are running from, and to, and why.” – James Thurber

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Julian Burnside AO QC is an Australian barrister who practises principally in commercial litigation, trade practices and administrative law. He is also a human rights and refugee advocate, and author.

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“We are doing things that are so shameful it would be a crime to remain silent about it." @JulianBurnside #auspol lawyersweekly.com.au/news/16722-bur… Retweeted by Julian Burnside

Asylum seekers mistreated while being transferred from Australia to Nauru julianburnside.com.au/asylum-seekers… #auspol

Here is Exhibit A in a defamation case for Julia Gillard. I reckon she'd receive at least $800K in damages. #auspol pic.twitter.com/vF6Zo3geJA Retweeted by Julian Burnside

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Deaths and injuries at immigration detention centres revealed smh.com.au/federal-politi… ghvfxv.html via @smh Retweeted by Julian Burnside

@DannyJovica @JulianBurnside Danny glad to see you never let the truth get in the way of a good rant. Retweeted by Julian Burnside

With all the wild commentary about Zaky Mallah, it's worth reading the facts of his case: bit.ly/1GJojr9 #auspol

Ever since Ciobo said that he believed Mallah got off on technicality, some folks regurgitate it like it's fact @DannyJovica @JulianBurnside Retweeted by Julian Burnside

@JulianBurnside @DannyJovica @orsag01 Why is he still on the streets if he is THAT dangerous Danny?? He was not convicted of terrorism Retweeted by Julian Burnside

Remember what Kero Bath Bronnie said about a Commissioner being a Political Participant? Well... #auspol pic.twitter.com/KtcqFXYbiZ Retweeted by Julian Burnside

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Last chance to make a tax deductible donation for this financial year! Donate now: goo.gl/thGdk1 pic.twitter.com/7pixydaitS Retweeted by Julian Burnside

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Piers Akerman on #qanda - he was banned from the ABC for telling outright lies about Julia Gillard. He will soil the screens again. #qanda Retweeted by Julian Burnside